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- Orange Co. Register surfing and beach updates

- My Orange Co. Travel Guide

- Surf Spots from Seal Beach to San Clemente

- Orange Co. Surf Forcast


- The weeks of early March have produced some of the largest waves we have seen on the West Coast, with swells climbing as large as 14 feet.

We have also seen many broken sufboards, so remember to bring a back-up surfboard.


- Kelly Slater's awsome surfing demo


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The O.C. is the place to be!

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Photo by: Motil

Spring Snap Shotz: These dolphin show man who truely owns the waves !


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Posted on May, 2005       Photo by: Hammer

Winter Snap Shotz: Mike Clements at Newport Beach finger jetties !


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Posted on September 6 2004       Photo by: Trix

Fall Snap Shotz: Mike Clements at K55 Mexico !


b29.jpg (11805 bytes)


Posted on November 2 2004     Photo by: Grisholm




Bio of the Editor:
- Mike Clements started surfing at the age of  12. He began competing at the age of 16, and won his first contest 1 month later.

In 1985 he traveled around the globe, surfing places like north shore Hawaii, Kuta Reef Bali, Tahiti, Viti Levu and Tavarua Island in Fiji .

He landed in Australia, where he met a girl,  dropped out of the Pro/Am Circuit, and stayed for several months, surfing and learning to shape surfboards from the famous Byrne Bros.

Upon returning to California, he began a very profitable career shaping MC Surfboards, sponsering the Wilson High School Surf Team, and organizing Surf Competitions.

He suffered a horrific automobile accident in 1987 which stuck him in a wheelchair for several months, and put an end to his dreams of professional surfing, but he maintained his desire, and soon, after a few spinal operations and years of physical therapy,, was again able to paddle out and shred the local OC waves he grew up on.





















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