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. Spring Break
- Daytona Beach, Fl.

- Lake Havasu, Az.

- San Felipe, Mx.


. Spring Break Info








News: Latest Events!

- Seal Beach 10K-5K Run!

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Welcome to the Seal Beach 5/10K Run Site!

Race Day 2005 was another record for the 5/10K.
We hosted more than 2,800 5K Walkers and Runners,
and  over 300 Kid's 1K Fun Run participants.

We thank you all for coming out.   Updates will be forthcoming along with results. Don't forget to go to for your event photo.

Here is your webmaster, Mike Clements, lol.... blue shorts, sunglasses #655, above the word 'photo', running with one of his students. Hammer beat his last years time, woohoo!

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Posted by Hammer

News: Latest Events!

- Spring Break Calendar

The BadBoyz and The Wrecking Crew have planned their Spring Break in 3 places this year, due there being so many of them now. Each group will consist of approximately a dozen or so persons.

The BadBoyz Outlaw Crew will be down in Daytona Beach Fl., from March 28 thru April 1.

The BadBoyz Buccaneers and River Raiders will be up in Lake Havasu from MArch 26 thru April 2

The Wrecking Crew will be down in San Felipe, Mx., ...............duhhh  (like you really needed to be told that, lol.)


Posted by Hammer

News: Latest Events!





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. Persons to contact
- Outlaw Son

- Coldbeer

- Hammer










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